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Buy carbon heating Films for your own installation

Smart electric underfloor heating

Why choose carbon heating Films as your heating source? Of all the current technologies, they have by far the most advantages and are suitable for most installations.

Energy efficiency is excellent (99%) Operation is maintenance-free and Energy consumption costs are significantly lower than other technologies. They are versatile due to their thinness and easy installation (no boilers, radiators, pipes). Thanks to the surface coverage, start-up speed and precise control, maximum comfort is achieved They do not cause dust to swirl or air to dry. They can function as the main or as an additional heat source. The ideal ecological solution in combination with photovoltaics and home batteries.

The disadvantage of carbon heating Film technology is the need for a larger main circuit breaker, which is solvable. In general, for family houses in which the heated area is up to 260 m2, the benefits clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

We exclusively install the current top technology on the market: heating systems using LARX carbon heating Films The service life exceeds 30 years The best price/performance ratio and satisfies even the most demanding requirements of our customers.

Consumption for electric heating per month for a normal family house (138 m²)

Electric heater
Electric boiler
Heating Film

Consumption for electric heating per month for a normal family house (138 m²)

€ 176

El. heater

€ 113

Electric boiler

€ 97

Heating Film

€ 17
€ 80

The total cost of heating for an ordinary family house

Heat pump
Electric boiler
Heating Film
Total acquisition and operating costs for an average family house

Underfloor heating

Until recently, underfloor heating was more of a luxury with many compromises. Modern, LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system efficient, comfortable and affordable source of heating. You will never feel a cold floor again. It can serve as a main heat source or as a supplementary heat source for selected rooms.

The width of LARX carbon heating Film is always 0.5 m

1Application directly
under floating flooring

Acoustic insulation LARX CARBON-FILM.COM Laminated floor
  • 1Any flooring with click system
  • 2PE film 0.2 mm
  • 4Acoustic insulation

under screed

LARX UHLÍKOVEFÓLIE.CZ PE Film Anhydrite/concrete Possible tile adhesive Durable LARX carbon heating Film
  • 1Any flooring / tiles
  • 2Possible tile glue
  • 3Anhydrite / concrete / floorboards
  • 4PE film 0.2 mm

LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system

  • A new generation of carbon heating Film with advanced construction and lamination
  • Installation both under screed (variant with increased resistance) and directly under the floor covering
  • High mechanical resistance and long service life
  • Maintenance-free comfortable system tested in-situ
  • High quality product from a proven South Korean manufacturer; we personally inspect the production several times a year
  • We have many years of experience and provide active support to assembly companies

Regulation of the heating system

Experience of our customers

Hello Mr. Dvořák, thank you for the sent documentation and photos. We appreciate your professional approach, something which has been lacking in other companies. We will definitely recommend your company.

Kind regards, Libuše Hubáčková, Ústí nad Labem

I will definitely recommend you to others. You were definitely the best of all the participating companies on the construction site. After some time, I will contact you with regards to the possibilities of improving the system.

Petr Zapletal, Prague

You think completely differently than others, and rightly so. The technology you use is efficient and, at the same time, of high quality. I came across LARX five years ago and since then you have been the exclusive supplier of smart technologies in all my real estate and industrial buildings.

Pavel Gelnar, Prachatice

Dear LARX, I would like to thank you for the quick response to my e-mail. Mr. Bartuška called me on Saturday morning and explained to me the marking (100W and 180W) on the Film that was delivered to me. I'm really glad that your company was able to react so quickly. The information I received was very useful. To my delight I found out that we don't have to change the Film. Thank you again and I wish you much success in your work.

Kind regards Pavel Jeřábek, Dačice

Dear Mr. Dvořák, I would like to thank you for your advice and technical support.  Everything is O K. Everything works. I am very satisfied. Thank you.

Hynek Tomčík, Hulín

Absolute satisfaction with LARX Films. We managed the installation ourselves with our electrician and did the whole house in one day. Thank you also for your help with the project.



LARX carbon heating Films are carefully tested

It meets strict Czech and European standards and safety requirements for a healthy indoor environment. It has all necessary certifications for the Czech Republic and other European countries.


Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of the Korean manufacturer on the compliance of LARX carbon heating Film with all standards, including IP protection. More in our blog post

LARX CARBON-FILM.COM Certificate for the wire

LARX connecting wires

They meet the strictest Czech and European standards and requirements for safety. The above certification applies for the Czech Republic and other European countries. It is the highest quality cable of its kind due to the increased double insulation and tinned copper.

Files and instructions to download

Documents on LARX carbon heating Films
Documents on thermostats
Documents on LARX Carbon Kit for DIY installation


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